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Munro College was founded in 1856 and was fashioned from the British public school system. The campus has its own chapel and sits at the peak of the Santa Cruz Mountains, with splendid views of the Pedro Plains and the Caribbean Sea. The school is respected for its notable alumni and for producing the most Rhode Scholars of any secondary school in the Caribbean. Munro College is currently the only all-boys boarding School in Jamaica.

The school’s alumni are diverse and include many prominent persons in Jamaican society, with former Prime Minister Donald Sangster being one of the most notable. Other respected past students include former Ministers of Health: Kenneth McNeill, Herbert Eldemire, and Douglas Manley (brother to former Prime Minister Michael Manley) and former Minister of Education Burchell Whiteman. Oraine Barrett, Morris Cargill, John Cyril Emerson Swaby and D. Basil Waite, former Opposition Spokesperson on Education, are also graduates of Munro College. Famous journalist Lindy Delapenha, O.J., Dr Derrick McKoy, lawyer and former Contractor-General and Judge Ira DeCordova Rowe add to the rich lineup of well-respected men to have walked the halls of Munro College. Current Minister of State of Education Floyd Green; and Oje Ken Ollivierre, popularly known as Protoje, a contemporary reggae singer and songwriter from Jamaica, are also notable alumni. It is also worth mentioning that the Coke Farquharson Building, The Chapel, Pearman Calder Building, The Staff Room and Baby Dorm, four of Munro’s buildings, have been declared National Heritage Sites by Jamaica National Heritage Trust.

With this rich heritage in mind, our PTA works to improve the well-being of all students by providing enrichment programmes, parental support and donations, and promoting advocacy and involvement for the betterment of the school. The PTA encourages the collaboration of parents, teachers, and alumni to promote and enhance all students’ academic fortitude and healthy socialization. By becoming a member of the PTA, you’ll be a part of an organization that strives to protect legacy while making a difference in the lives of not just Munro College but our community and country.