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Malvern P.0., St. Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I.

The name of the Association will be the MUNRO COLLEGE PARENT / TEACHERS ASSOCIATION ( herein called “The Association”)


The objective of “The Association” shall be :

  • To stimulate the parents’ and guardians’ interest and cooperation in the educational well-being of their children or wards.
  • To encourage beneficial collaborations between the teachers at Munro College and parents and guardians of pupils by providing opportunities for discussion on matters concerning the instruction, guidance, upbringing and discipline of students.
  • To create and maintain an image for the school which will encourage the utmost support and goodwill of the communities it serves
  • To do all that is reasonable and necessary to achieve the foregoing objectives


Membership of “The Association” shall be open to the following:

  • Parents and Guardians of students who attend the school
  • Persons recognised by the school as unofficial guardians
  • The academic staff of the school
  • A parent or guardian whose child or ward no longer attends the school is eligible to be co-opted as a member of “The Association” but not an officer of “The Association.”
  • A past academic staff member may also be co-opted as a member of “The Association” but not as an officer of “The Association.”


Any elected member who willfully and without prior notice or cause neglects his/her duties shall be expelled from ” The Association” upon calling for a vote of the members that are not in his/her favour.


From the eligible members of the Association shall be formed an Executive Committee. Sub-committees shall be formed on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, if and when deemed necessary.


The Executive Committee of the Association (herein referred to as “The Committee”) shall be the body responsible for formulating the plans and activities and conducting the general and financial business of “The Association.”

“The Committee” shall be comprised of :

Officers of “The Association” elected at an AGM or special general meetings, being


President:  The President shall preside over all meetings of “The Association” and “The Committee” and assume overall responsibility for the functioning of The Association”. He / She shall make regular written reports to the Board.

Vice Presidents:  The first Vice President, or in his / her absence, the second vice President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties of the President or such other duties as the President from time to time as prescribed.

Secretary:  The Secretary’s duties shall be to record, prepare and circulate the minutes of all of the meetings of “The Association” and “The Committee”. Prepare and circulate notices of meetings, prepare communications for “The Association”, maintain files containing copies of all minutes of meetings and communications, and perform such other duties, as the President shall prescribe from time to time.

Assistant Secretary: The Assistant Secretary shall, in the absence or disability of the Secretary, perform the duties of the Secretary of “The Committee” from time to time as prescribed

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be the chief accounting officer of “The Association” and shall receive all funds for “The Association”. He / She shall have all responsibility for safe keeping of all funds of “The Association”, keep and maintain a complete record of all financial transactions of “The Association”, present a record of the financial year at the Annual General Meeting, and present a statement of accounts to “The Committee” and to other meetings of “The Association” at such intervals as may from time to time be decided by “The Committee”.

Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall, in the absence or disability of the Treasurer, perform the duties as the Treasurer or “The Committee” shall, from time to time, prescribe

The Board Representative:  (The President) To represent “The Association” at Meetings with the Board of Governors

PRO: The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for promoting the school’s achievements in the wider / external community and for keeping the members of the PTA apprised of developments within the school


“The Committee” of “The Association” shall function for a period of thirty-six (36) months from its inception. No Officer shall serve more than three consecutive years.


Regular General Meetings shall be held on the last Friday of the first month of each school term, while school is in session, to conduct the regular business of “The Association”. The quorum for these meetings shall be 50 members, including the officers and teachers. Special General Meetings shall be covered at the request of at least 20 ordinary members or at least 10 officers of “The Association” to address any specific matter(s) of urgency to “The Association”. Such meetings shall deal only with the specific matter(s) for which it was convened, and, at these meetings, 50 members, including the officers and teachers present, shall form a quorum. Annual General Meetings shall be convened during September each year and not later than the first term in the school year in December. An annual general meeting shall be convened to present the annual reports by the President and Treasurer and for the election of officers. At the annual general meeting, 50 members, including the officers and teachers, are present to vote. Decisions of “The Association” shall be reached when necessary by a simple majority of those present and voting. Executive Committee Meetings shall be held at least three times per term. At the meetings of “The Committee”, five (5) officers shall form a quorum provided that either the President, First Vice President or Second Vice President is present.


The final year of ‘The Association” shall be September 1 to August 31.


The funds of “The Association” shall be derived from:

Dues collected

Fundraising activities which are consistent with the policies of the school’s Board of Trustees 


And shall be used only for the lawful business of “The Association” in furtherance of the objectives defined in this Constitution. The funds of “The Association shall be held in an account(s) at a bank to be determined by “The Committee” under the signatures of the following 4 officers of “The Association”:-

  • President
  • Principal or Vice Principal
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

And withdrawals may be effected under the signatures of two (2) officers, one (1) of whom should always be the President or the Treasurer. No withdrawals of funds should be made from the account(s) of “The Association” unless the decision was taken at a meeting of “The Committee.” All funds of “The Association” shall be deposited to the account(s) of “The Association” within a week of receipt. The majority of the funds of “The Association” shall be lodged in an account which will yield returns.



The financial reports and records of “The Association” are subject to internal and/or external audits annually. “The Committee”, as deemed necessary, shall appoint an auditor provided that the auditor shall not be an officer of “The Association.”


This Constitution may be amended by a Resolution of members at a Special or Annual General Meeting of “The Association” and passed by at least 100 votes of those present who are entitled to vote.

Members shall be notified of any proposal for the amendment of the Constitution at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting at which the proposal will be submitted.


In any matter concerning the interpretation of this Constitution, the decision of “The Committee” shall be final.

In the event that any section of this Constitution conflicts with the laws of Jamaica, the Laws of Jamaica shall take precedence.

All acts or decisions taken by “The Committee” taken in good faith shall be valid, notwithstanding that it shall afterwards be discovered that the act or decision was faulty, and no officer of “The Association” shall be personally liable for any loss suffered or any expenditure incurred by “The Association” as a result of such decision.

The officers of “The Association” shall be indemnified by “The Association” against all lawful losses and expenses incurred by them in the discharge of their responsibilities except for their own willful act or default